Kiss & Cry Angels

Bubbly Crimson Pink (accessories not included)
Bubbly Ocean Blue (accessories not included)
Bubbly Grape (accessories not included)
Bubbly Lime (accessories not included)
Bubbly Mint Blue (back in stock!)
Fluffy Fuchsia (accessories not included)
Sassy Silver Zebra (accessories not included)
Sassy Graphite Zebra (accessories not included)
Jazzy Onyx (out of stock until spring 2017)
Jazzy Amethyst (back in stock!)
Jazzy Pink Ruby (back in stock!)
Jazzy Sapphire (back in stock!)
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$44.99 - $81.99
Size: 9.5" L X 5.5" D X 9" H w/handle
Optional: 70 SS16 or SS20 Swarovski Crystals on Front: Information

Kiss & Cry Angels - the little Rink Tote everyone's been talking about! Carry all your rink essentials across the ice in style - tissues, drink bottle, skate guards, notepad, pen, CD case, etc. It conveniently rides on the top of your ZÜCA, with a special strap on the back that slips over your ZÜCA handle. Now available with Swarovski Crystal embellishment (on Bubbly and Jazzy Styles only).

Available styles:

Bubbly Crimson Pink, Bubbly Ocean Blue, Bubbly Mint Blue, Bubbly Grape, Bubbly Orange, and Bubbly Lime.

Fluffy Fuchsia, Fluffy Purple, and Fluffy Turquoise.

Jazzy Amethyst, Jazzy Onyx, Jazzy Pink Ruby, Jazzy Sapphire.

Sassy Silver Zebra, Sassy Graphite Zebra.

Limited number of Bubbly Pink and Bubbly Lavender still available!


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