Privacy Notice


Customer information is crucial to our business and we realize how important it is for you to be able to trust the companies you do business with. We take that responsibility seriously, and therefore commit to keeping your information confidential at all times.


What Information Do You Collect?

We collect only the minimum information required to process your order, and/or contact you with important information (such as shipping notices).


Is the information I Provide Kept Safe?

All information we gather is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL), 128-bit encryption that protects the data from compromise. All collected information is then stored on a secure server and maintained in the safety of that environment to ensure your protection.


Does Sk8 Monkey Share My Information with Others?

Sk8 Monkey will NEVER knowingly sell, share, or release your information to anyone outside of our company. We do not share the information with affiliates, subsidiaries, sister companies, advertisers, partners, or any other individual or entity. In short, we share your information with no one except those who use the data solely to successfully process your order. We hold your trust in highest esteem and our policy reflects that commitment to you. We value your relationship with us and we work hard to gain and maintain your trust!