Sunset (matches Sunset insert)
Moby Dick (matches Moby Dick insert)
Sprinklez (matches Sprinklez insert)
Ladybugz (matches Ladybugz insert)
Polka Bots (matches Polka Bots insert)
Polka Bots - Open
Tiger (matches Tiger insert)
Puzzle (matches Puzzle insert)
Patchwork (matches Patchwork insert)
Berry Patch (matches Berry Patch insert)
Flowerz (matches Flowerz insert)
Blossom (discounted - slightly imperfect)
Hanami (matches Hanami insert)
Chevron (matches Chevron insert)
Gray/Red (matches Tiger, Techno, Chili, and more!)
Lilac/Purple (matches Ice Dreamz, Sk8 Princess, Lilac, ZÜCA Nation, Fairytale, Peace, and more!)
Pink/Blue (matches numerous inserts)
Shadow (an all black lunchbox that matches numerous inserts)
Shadow lunchbox - shown for size comparison

ZÜCA Lunchboxes

Size: 6" H x 9.25" W x 6.25" D
Please note: SK8 Monkey is not authorized
: to ship ZUCA Products outside
: the U.S.
This adorable lunch box has been designed to complement the ZÜCA rolling product line by fitting neatly on top of the seat and attaching securely to the telescoping handle via a "pocket:" on the back. The'yre just the thing when you're on the go! There are many different styles available!

*Please note*

SK8 Monkey is not authorized to ship ZÜCA products outside of the United States. Please contact us for further information on how to purchase ZÜCA products.


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